The Not Mini Adults Podcast - “Pioneers for Children’s Healthcare and Wellbeing”

Episode 36: 'DOUGHNUTS AND BANANAS' with Jon Manning

July 12, 2023 David Cole & Hannah Cole Season 4 Episode 3
The Not Mini Adults Podcast - “Pioneers for Children’s Healthcare and Wellbeing”
Episode 36: 'DOUGHNUTS AND BANANAS' with Jon Manning
Show Notes

On this episode of the Not Mini Adults Podcast we talk to Jon Manning who is the the CEO and Founder of Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support an organisation focused on Mental Health through Well-being Skills Development Programmes and Support for Businesses who Drive Positive Change in the Workplace.  They also operate a 1:1 Mentoring Service to provide support to children (from 8 years old), young people and adults.  Working with individuals to help them develop strategies for their exact needs to help them recover and move forward from any mental health related issues.

Jon has experienced living with mental health conditions for over 20 years and with a background in the commercial world, he set up Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support to positively impact the way wellbeing and mental health is proactively managed throughout society. Jon believed that awareness needs to be more actionable if we really want to gain control over it rather than being purely focused on recognising symptoms, meaning people are already sick. 

Jon leads the march on helping individuals look further than signposting to encourage people across the country to learn to manage mental health before the need for professional intervention.  Through his work with organisations Jon and his team are then able to offer subsidised  support for children in need of mental health support.

This is a very important conversation in light of the awareness and increasing problems that society has helping people of all ages with mental health conditions, no more so that with many children up and down the country and across the world.  We were lucky enough to be treated to a little therapy during this episode and we hope you enjoy it and take something away with you.

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